Physics Tutor


Need help with high school physics problems? This is just the app for you!

This app guides the user through solving basic physics problems. Not only does it provide numerical answers, but it also provides a step by step explanation, complete with illustrations.

This app provides different options to the user, including choosing what values of physical constants they want to use, and what pieces of information are given in the problem.

This is my first app that I have published, and I have attempted to design it so it is extremely hard to crash (because what's more annoying than a force close screen?) and so that the answers are correct. Because it is a work in progress, feel free to point out bugs/suggestions in an email (

This app has been tested on the original Motorola Droid with
version 2.2.2.

Updates to look forward to in the future:

-Small tweaks to make the answer displays more efficient and have more information.

-"Send an email" button to reporting bugs/issues/comments.

-A "fast input switcher" that will allow you to quickly check/switch the inputs to a problem without going back to the problem screen again (for example if you mistakenly entered 45 radians instead of 45 degrees) IF you're within the ad free time.

-Choose a default unit for each kind (velocity, length, etc...). Particularly useful if you use degrees 99% of the time.

***New ad screen rules:
--You always have the option of waiting 40 seconds.
--Clicking the ad gets you ad free time as before, and also 10 bypasses. These bypasses allow you to bypass the ad screen IF the ad does not show (for example, if you have no internet access).
--If the ad does show, you cannot bypass it.
--If there is no ad, but you do not have any bypasses, then you must wait the 40 seconds.
--You can "bank" up to 100 bypasses.

Keywords: physics, tutor, projectile, incline, solver, help, illustrated guide

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